ARTIST TALK: Igor Ponosov

Lecture about the history of Russian Partizaning

23rd of April, Saturday – 4 pm
Pause In Garden | ul. Rajska 12

The term ‘partizaning’ refers to the international phenomenon of interdisciplinary socio-artistic interventions in urban space. For several years now Igor Ponosov is working with the public space of the Russian capital, activating citizens by sensitizing them to the need of making common good, which, in relation to the multimillion Moscow, is defined as a space for artistic freedom and citizenship. Along with Anton Polski and Shriya Malhotra, he created in 2011, which publishes theoretical texts on street art, urban planning, hacktivism, urban activism, architecture, recyclables, and meticulously documents achievements of Russian art-activists.

IGOR PONOSOV (1980, Moscow) – Russian artist, an editor of the ‘Partizaning’ web-site and the author of various publications and projects about urban art. Works and lives in Moscow since 2003. From 2005 to 2009, published three books about street art in Russia and the former USSR. From 2011 to 2013, curated The Wall project (a discussion platform for the street art community) on CCA ‘Winzavod’ in Moscow. In 2011, founded the ‘Partizaning’ movement with a website for activists, artists and urbanists. Current interests include urban art, urbanism and artivism. Curator of ‚Delai Sam’ festival, which focused on grassroots iniatives and activism in Russia.