The Pink Detachment

20th August 2016, 6 p.m. | Henryk Gallery, Wrzesińska 4/1, Krakow

Substantive cooperation: Lawinia Rate

Nośna Foundation invites you to the meeting with Jen Liu, during which beside lecture she will present the most important of her video works, including premiered at the last Berlinale movie The pink Detachement.

Movies presented at the meeting shows the artistic reflection on the global reality and socio-political and economic relations functioning in that reality. The artist explores and exposes the dependence of the capitalist system of production, gender, biology and body building. Production processes are starting point of her movies and at the same time a metaphor of processes occuring in the human body, in which what is called the “human body” is formed, often subjected to unjust and brutal defining, standardizing and normalizing manipulations. Production processes and their course, single movements of machines, employees and workers, fetishistic illusions as well as analysis of this processes products desire to have are the topics that persistently returns in her works.

The need for subversion, going beyond the established patterns is visible not only in the topics that the artist chooses, but also in the medium through which she speaks. Liu is characterized by a brave bonding of antagonistic techniques such as 3D animation with archival recordings from cassette tapes and VHS. In formal solutions used in her films interest in iconoclastic aesthetics and twentieth century avant-garde movements, such as Dada, Bauhaus, constructivism can be seen. Her films are not only intellectual challenge, but they also challenges our visual habits. They do not give clear answers, they do not teach, they rather leave a lot of space for reflection and new questions. Above all Jen Liu’s works concern and thanks to that they stimulate a critical look at the world around us.

Text author: Lawinia Rate

Jen Liu (born in 1976) is an American artist. Lives in Brooklyn. She studied at the California Institute of the Arts and at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. She makes drawings and paintings on paper, videos and installations that draw on diverse histories to construct fictions that say something about our contemporary society. In her large, seductive watercolors you can find imagery from art historical styles such as modernism and constructivism. Her practice also includes film, installations and performance examines the contemporary cultural and political frontier through its collision with old and new pop models – music, icons, pop history, computer and print graphics. What results are seemingly imaginary worlds, in which meaning is intensified through allegory, hidden motivations revealed through mass media aesthetics. Her works has been shown at many international exhibitions in Asia, North America and Europe. She took part in artistic residences in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, England and Amsterdam.

LAWINIA RATE – studied art history and media studies at the Ruhr in Bochum Universiät. In her curatorial activity she is primarily interested in critical art, provocative and thus difficult to read. In 2015 has curated series of experimental films “Attaque(e)r le visible” in La Mutinerie in Paris. In October 2016 started a series of video art “Challenging the Frame” in Vierte Welt in Berlin. Rate is also the author of smaller curatorial initiatives such as the exhibition “Processus du corps” in La Mutinerie in Paris (12.2014), the exhibition “Imagininig the Body” at the Fringe Festival in London (11.2015) and the “Nahrungsbeziehungen” exhibition within the framework of the 48 Stunden Neukölln festival in Berlin (06.2016).