ARTIST TALK: Michał Mioduszewski

Public space / working space

July 23, 2016, 6 p.m. | Spółdzielnia Ogniwo, ul. Paulińska 28, Kraków

We invite you to meeting with Michał Mioduszewski – artist, social psychologist, animator of cultural activities, non-cash Cafe Fińska in Krakow initiator. The idea of creating a cashless meeting place for the local community was also used by him in his other projects: Domek Herbaciany and 3 pokoje z kuchnią in Warsaw.

The meeting will have a formula of lecture with elements of disscusion combined with the projection of films depicting the artist’s activity.

Michael Mioduszewski – artist, a social psychologist, organizer of cultural activities. Media Arts on Academy in Warsaw and Social Psychology at the University of Social Psychology graduate. In the 2010 within a group of students of Pawel Althamer he participated in the Biennale in Gwangju, and a year later in Moscow. In 2013, during the ArtBoom Grolsch Festival he initiated cashless Cafe Fińska. Currently co-creates 3 Pokoje z kuchnią – neighborhood meeting place based on non-financial knowledge exchange.

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