Don’t Ever Let Them Silence You. Women’s voice and graphic activism – lecture by Agata Szydłowska

“Who gets to speak and why is the only question” wrote an American writer and artist, Chris Kraus, in her book “I Love Dick”. At about the same time (1990s) anarchofeminists associated with the Riot Grrrls movement wrote on their prints: “Don’t Ever Let Them Silence You”. The issue of the female voice, its audibility, its distinctiveness, its presence in the public space, is not only about literature or politics. In the process of finding own voice and making it heard women activists also participate in the public debate by using graphic design tools: from designers and printers associated with the Women’s Building in San Francisco to women fighting for reproductive rights on the streets of Polish cities in recent years. During the lecture, we will consider what is the female voice in graphic activism and how it fights for audibility.

Agata Szydłowska – a historian of design, curator, author and co-author of books and articles on contemporary graphic design in Poland and its history. Graduate of art history at the University of Warsaw, School of Social Sciences at IFiS PAN, doctor of ethnology. She works as an adjunct at the Department of History and Design Theory at the Faculty of Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

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