Life o’ Banner – Igor Ponosov, Michał Linow, Brad Downey, Sasha Kurmaz | exhibition during CGW Krakers 2016

Sunday, 24th April 2016 | 7:30 p.m.
address: Dolnych Młynów 10

Space and time are the most valuable commodities nowadays. Those who are taking over this first one are the owners of large capitals, branding specialists and advertisers. Commodification of the space means not only taking it over but also it is a reflection of the ideology at its purest.

Life o’ banner exhibition aims to confront with marketing products and to explore the ideas that arosed as a result of artistick reflection on them. On the exposition you will see works by Michal Linow and Igor Ponosov (in collaboration with Brad Downey and Sasha Kurmaz), artists who look at the same problem but from the very different angles.

Linow travesties aesthetics used by creators of the most recognizable brands, he manipulates its form and context. Ponosov focuses on the problem of covering the public space with commercials, large format advertisements and vinyl imitations of building facades. He cuts off banner parts straight from outdoor advertisements and gives them new, more utilitarian life.

IGOR PONOSOV (1980, Moscow) – Russian artist, an editor of the ‘Partizaning’ web-site and the author of various publications and projects about urban art. Works and lives in Moscow since 2003. From 2005 to 2009, published three books about street art in Russia and the former USSR. From 2011 to 2013, curated The Wall project (a discussion platform for the street art community) on CCA ‘Winzavod’ in Moscow. In 2011, founded the ‘Partizaning’ movement with a website for activists, artists and urbanists. Current interests include urban art, urbanism and artivism. Curator of ‘Delai Sam’ festival, which focused on grassroots iniatives and activism in Russia.

MICHAL LINOW (1986, Gdańsk) – Polish artist and author. Current interests include postinternet art and urban art.

BRAD DOWNEY – (1980, USA) – American artist. Currently works and lives in Berlin. Uses film, sculpture, painting and drawing. Author of installations, actions and subtle, comic intervensions in public space.

SASHA KURMAZ – (1986, Kyiv) – Ukrainian artist. Works in various media, primarily with photography and conceptual art in public space. International exhibitions and scholarships participant.

Exhibition is a part of Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS 2016
Cooperation: Tytano Foundation, Bratniak Foundation,


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