MNIAM MNIAM GIRL | Barbara Janczak

curator: Magdalena Lazar
opening: September 6
duration of the exhibition: September 7 – September 29, 2019
open by appointment: 794 230 670
location: Galeria Nośna, ul. Zabłocie 9a / 9b

Barbara Janczak’s project is an ephemeral and hedonistic act of pleasure, created in pursuit of sensual liberation. It is a product of the world of sporadic encounters, obsessed with intensity and surface absurdity of sensations. We are in the city of Chongquing, Sichuan Province, during the time of the harvest of the Durian fruit – the inhabitants of Asia say that it “smells like hell, tastes like heaven.” The intimate nature of Barbara Janczak’s activities are documented in a juicy photographic series. The capricious anthropomorphic forms observed in fruit echo sensual experiences. Photographs in MNIAM MNIAM GIRL connect to the films of Tsai Ming-liang, where the world is flooded only to be followed by a permeating drought. Together, the female body and the watermelon build intimacy that quickly turns into pulsating eroticism, an unsatiated hunger for fulfillment.

Barbara Janczak – her creative work escapes labels and balances on the boundaries of art and design, with typography and photography as main instruments in her toolkit. She is a graduate of the Krakow Academy of Fine Arts and occasional teacher of design.

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