Nadmiar #3 Nadmiar Miłości

07/07/2018 Cracow
music / performance / art festival
Organizer: Nadmiar

Nadmiar has been created as a series of parties entirely and wholeheartedly devoted to certain, heavy versions of electronic music, such as: #idm, #breakcore and #noise. What touches Nadmiar deeply is: camp aesthetics, baroque style and popular culture. Nadmiar stands above any divisions. It is conceptual and yet very sensual. Nadmiar emerged as a form of sensual perception.

The long awaited moment has come – Sacred Host of Nadmiar is rising up, accompanied by glorious sounds of violins and arias. Here Nadmiar is taking its new, more complete form. From one night celebration it transforms itself into a one day festival full of beautiful and intensive experience provided by: experimental music, performance and visual art.
As we tend to say: there is never too much of Nadmiar experience.

This third edition of Nadmiar organizers dedicated to #LOVE. They cherished and celebrated summertime passion, sensuality, kisses in the moonlight, butterflies in the stomach, gentle touch, raw instincts and last but not least reasoning mind. Gave an honour to mutual respect, ‘body positive’ notion, liberation, wise and conscious sexuality and safe sex.

One of art instalatons in frame of festival was presented in Nośna Gallery.

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