When The War Is Not Over | Jan Jurczak

Aftermaths of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine

Curator: Grażyna Siedlecka

We live in the peaceful times. We like to think about it this way.

In the neighbouring country, in Europe, there have been an ongoing war for past 5 years. Slow, boring and forgotten. Not enough people are dying to catch the attention of the western media. World likes to talk about death, but forgets about those who survive. Over 5 million Ukrainians bear the burden of the conflict, 3,5 million people is in need of humanitarian aid. The most sensitive are women, children and elders. Jurczak took a closer look at communities living between life, death, war, love, poverty, and little everyday issues.

The exhibition consists of few Jurczak’s works: „Life Goes On” (2017–2018), „10 minutes of silence” (2019), and the new statement that is being currently being created in performative collaboration with local community.

Jan Jurczak (b. 1996 in Krakow) has finished courses on Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Pedagogical University of Krakow (2017–2018), graduated from Sputnik Photos Mentorship Programme (2017-2018), recently he started to study on Institute of Creative Photography, Opava, Czech Republic. Jurczak has been involved with a number of long-term documentary projects in Poland and abroad (in Ukraine, Armenia, and Spain). In 2017 and 2018 he worked with Ukrainian communities located near the frontlines in the eastern portions of the country. He recently launched a project exploring the interactions between man and nature. Has loved climbing with his friends since childhood.

Exhibition co-financed by the City of Kraków.

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